Yardman Software - software benefits for larger stables

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Yardman - larger yards benefit from the full suite of Yardman functions

Larger yards find the multi-user, network abilities enable everyone in the office to get on with their work and easily share data and workloads.

Yardman has a wide range of functions beyond invoicing, enabling larger stables to maintain racing and training records, full medical histories, breakdown of costs and so much more. Use one single unified resource in place of several different programs.

  • Workbook, lots and exercise records
  • Blood test records and reports
  • Training notes
  • Track and report horse location (by yard/barn/field etc)
  • Diary facility – day to day reminders, wormers/flu vaccs/treatments
  • Medical withdrawal periods at a glance
  • Reminders on Insurance and Sponsorship expiry dates
  • Comprehensive veterinary records by horse
  • Tracking weights/temperatures/feeding by graphs and reports
  • Handicap ratings viewable graphically & via reports
  • Multi-user version supports network of concurrent users
  • Horses details & activities recorded
  • Owner details/address book
  • Spread workload - enter invoice items throughout the month at your convenience
  • System apportions charges/invoices by shareholding where necessary
  • Large suite of standard reports
  • Prints invoices and retains archive for copy invoices (pre-printed stationery not required)
  • Link to your choice of accounts system or none at all*
  • Very flexible training fee structure

*Links to accounts systems

  1. Does not require an accounts system installed in order to produce invoices.
  2. Integrates with Xero, Sage Instant Accounts Plus, Sage Line 50, 100, 200, Farmplan, Access, Key Accounts and Quickbooks accounting packages (others available on request).
  3. Sage integration begins with Sage Instant Accounts Plus, costing approximately £100 from typical suppliers (making it around £400 less than Sage 50).

'network is great, allowing each of us to do our own thing' - Beryl McCain

'Yardman is great for medical records' - James Fanshawe staff


Horse keep rate

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Tracking weights

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